Food Storage

We are a proud distributor of Wise Foods and The Ready Store. We make it easy to help you prep and can help you order all your food storage needs in our shop or online.

Why store emergency food?

With uncertain economic times and severe Oklahoma weather, more and more people are finding themselves preparing for uncertain disasters. History has shown us uncertain times will come and we need to be more prepared; and those who prepare are more prosperous during those times. As the price of food continues to increase history has shown us that before it gets any better – most likely – it’s going to get worse. Buying food storage now is a smart choice, and at only about $1.60 per serving, and a 25 year shelf life, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Investing in food storage is important and necessary emergency preparation. By stocking your home with food storage , you can face  the uncertain future with the comfort of knowing you are prepared. Contact Us today for a menu or free food storage consultation to evaluate your long-term food storage needs.

If you prefer to order your food storage online, we’ve made it easy by ordering through our affiliate link here.